WINPAC Mobility Solution



WINPAC Mobility Solution

As technology advances, people are moving onto use of Smart Phones and Tablets due to easy access of voice and data anytime, anywhere. In view of such demand, JDS has thus developed WINPAC Mobility Solution based on Bring-Your-Own Devices (BYOD) Concept for the hospitality industry to provide hassle free stay for Hotel Guests.

WINPAC Mobility Solution is a flexible and customizable solution whereby Hotel Guests can simply use with his/her own devices to request for Housekeeping Services, Concierge Services, order In-Room Dining, besides making Spa Reservation, access to hotel information, flight information and many more.

In the meantime hotel staff can manage and deliver hotel guests’ requested services whilst hotel management team can monitor and track its service delivery quality.

WINPAC Mobility Solution Modules

  • Guest Service Module
  • Back Office Module
  • Hotel Information Module
  • e-Menu Module
  • Flight Information, Exchange Rate, World Weather Module
  • Job Distribution Module
  • Job Escalation Module
  • Administration Module
  • Reporting Module