Oracle Micros Workstation 6 Family



Oracle Micros Workstation 6 Family

Engineered POS Hardware and Software Solutions — Better Together

Providing Maximum Benefit to Retailers

  • Simplest installation
  • Highest levels of maintenancefree reliability
  • Longest lifecycles
  • Most attractive designs
  • Capability to adapt to changing operational requirements

Oracle Retail is introducing the Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Family — the industry’s first purpose-built, end-to-end point-of-service (POS) solution. Engineered from the ground up to deliver a complete package including POS hardware, industry-leading peripherals, operating system, application servers, and database all designed to enhance the Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service experience.

Key Benefits

  • Engineered to support Oracle POS software
  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Purpose-built, highly specialized hardware
  • Fan-less design with no moving parts
  • Specialized connectors and legacy I/O (input/output) support
  • Able to withstand harsh working conditions
  • Stands up to 24 hours/day of continuous harsh use and abuse
  • Environmentally and economically responsible

Clean, Modern Design to extend your Brand

The Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Family provides a crisp, modern look that does away with the bulky registers of the past. The visually appealing design means you can extend your brand all the way to consumers’ shopping experience.

Designed for your specific needs

Whether you run 5 or 5,000 stores, want your store technology to “just work”, or are seeking a dependable, flexible solution that enables a seamless customer experience, the Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Family is designed to support your specific requirements. It is available in three different processor configurations – allowing you to run the most demanding applications if needed. The workstation’s flexibility is also greatly enhanced by its modular design and available peripheral options.

Long-Lasting, Reliable and Efficient

To meet design objectives, Oracle carefully selected each component of this new workstation. Special emphasis was placed on selecting components that are reliable, efficient, and available for many years to come. The Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Family is designed around embedded and industrial components; those items are identified by their manufacturer for long lifecycle, superior specification, and tightly controlled quality.

Out of the Box: Getting Started

The Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Family has been designed to simplify the installation process. A unique hook and pin mechanism enables it to slide easily onto the adjustable stand and automatically lock securely in place. An equally unique power connection is quick and intuitive. The preinstalled platform software includes Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, the latest in a line of OSs specifically tailored for POS use. It also comes with hardware drivers that enable application programs to easily access the various functions of the workstation and/or to use integrated peripherals and custom ports, such as the MCR (magnetic card reader), customer display, and cash drawer ports.

Engineered for Empowered Commerce

The Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Family and Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service solution have been optimized to work together. Oracle’s flagship POS solution now runs natively in landscape orientation on the new workstation’s 15.6-inch high-definition tablet-style display screen. Together, they provide retailers with the complete components plus power to enable commerce anywhere. The intuitive design of Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service makes it easy for sales associates to access all the data and systems they need to provide memorable, omnichannel service experiences, from seamless inventory visibility to the kind of customer insights that support clienteling and targeted in-store promotions.

Engineered Hardware and Software, Better Together

  • Creating a superior retail solution offering
  • Software optimized for hardware
  • Total advocated offer including peripherals supported natively in the POS application
  • Application feature and functions designed around the hardware technology

Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 modernizes consumer interactions by providing store associates with new features, transforming the POS encounter into a truly differentiated check out experience.

Features & Configurations

Specification/FeatureOracle MICROS Workstation 6 Family
Processor optionsOracle MICROS Workstation 650: Intel Core i5 ULT dual-core processor
Oracle MICROS Workstation 620: Intel Celeron ULT dual-core processor
Oracle MICROS Workstation 610: Intel Atom processor
Memory optionsOracle MICROS Workstation 650: 8G DDR3L standard
Oracle MICROS Workstation 620: 4G or 8G DDR3L standard
Oracle MICROS Workstation 610: 4G DDR3L standard
Storage optionsOracle MICROS Workstation 650: 256 GB M.2 SATA III Solid State Drive
Oracle MICROS Workstation 620 128 GB M.2 SATA III Solid State Drive
Oracle MICROS Workstation 610: 64 GB MO-297 SATA III Solid State Drive
Operating system optionsOracle MICROS Workstation 610, 620 and 650: Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
Oracle MICROS Workstation 610: Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro
Display and touchscreen15.6” wide-screen full high-definition (1920 x 1080) display
Multi-touch (10) projected capacitive touch screen
HDMI connector for second display output
Magnetic card readerModular, optional integrated three-track MCR; capable of hardware encryption at the swipe
AudioIntel HD audio
Two integrated stereo speakers standard
Headphone output and microphone input on I/O panel
Network10/100/1G RJ45 Ethernet
802.11 a/b/g/n dual band radio with Bluetooth 4.0 optional
USB9 ports on models 650 & 620, 8 ports on model 610, 1 standard in adjustable stand
1 24V powered USB port on I/O panel (model 650 & 620 only)
2 USB 3.0 ports on I/O panel
2 USB 2.0 ports on I/O panel
1 USB 2.0 port, 12 V powered header on I/O panel
3 USB 2.0 ports, internal for options
1 USB 3.0 port in adjustable stand
Serial ports3 standard on models 650 & 620, 2 on model 610
1 RJ45 RS232 powered (5/9/12 V selectable)
2 1 RJ45 RS232
1 RJ45 RS422/RS232 “IDN”
Cash drawer portsTwo MICROS Series 2 cash drawer ports 12/24 V selectable
Customer display portOne customer display port
Power outputOne 12 V Power Out (2.5 A)
Expansion portsOne mini PCIe port
One connectivity port
Power supplyUniversal input, auto-switching power supply in the adjustable stand
External universal input, auto-switching power supply for wall or VESA mount
WeightHead unit – 6 lb., adjustable stand – 5 lb.
Operating temperature range0°C (32°F) to 50°C (122°F)
EnclosureCast aluminum, PC-ABS and PC-GF
Spill-resistant enclosure
Passive cooling (no fans)