OPERA webHotel


OPERA webHotel

Personalised promotions can increase conversions 15% – 30%

webHotel leverages OPERA-based hotel and customer data to help attract, persuade and convert Internet travel consumers. The end-result is a truly integrated web presence that drives revenue and makes hotels more competitive in the online world.

Three keys to online success

Content Management System

  • Successfully attract the right customers with customisable website design and flexible content management
  • Maximise exposure by optimising your site for customer search preferences

The Experience Manager

  • Enhance the user experience with uniquely personalized “smart” content that will make your website stand out from the rest
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering pertinent information to your guests based on choices, preferences, and actions
  • Convert more lookers to bookers with targeted promotions based on what actions a prospect customer takes as they navigate through your hotel website

Integrated Booking Engine

  • Make your hotel more competitive in the online world with a truly integrated web presence customised to match the look and feel of your brand
  • Increase repeat business and maximise revenue with seamless customer communication
  • Strategically attract, persuade, and convert online travel consumers by leveraging seamlessly integrated OPERA data

TIG Global’s Art of Engagement

“Capture the undivided attention and imagination of online visitors, with a website that serves as a perfectly reflective work of art”

Custom fit

One size does not fit all!

We take the time to understand your goals and objectives, so that we can develop custom fit solutions, tailored to your precise needs.

Leading edge

We do more then keep a sharp watch on the latest Internet trends; we lead the way!

Get ahead of your competition with a progressive leader that knows precisely how customers surf the web to find you.

Who are we?

As an accomplished Internet marketing firm consistently at the forefront of innovation, TIG Global blurs the line between art and science – combining leading-edge creative talent with high-touch account management and proactive marketing services.

Established by a team of experienced hoteliers in 2001, TIG Global was founded when Internet marketing was still in its infancy for travel and hospitality, playing a formative role in the development of best practices, proven to increase visibility and drive unparalleled ROI.

TIG Global joined with MICROS in 2009 to combine experience with additional technology for greater benefits and returns for our clients.

Strategic Online Marketing

Pairing webHotel with a strategic online marketing plan allows your hotel to target potential guests, learn even more about their preferences, and deliver custom content through multiple marketing channels.

Marketing Program

  • Prominently position your hotel at the top of search engines for direct visibility with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Capture traffic and directly deliver it to your relevant landing pages for instant conversion with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Establish relationships and strengthen consumer loyalty with personalised email marketing campaigns
  • Facilitate customer interaction and generate trust directly with consumers via Social Media channels
  • Maximize opportunities with detailed reporting and analytics

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Experience unprecedented results with a cutting-edge hotel Internet marketing strategies developed by experts firmly rooted in the hospitality industry
  • Profit from our vast knowledge and experience with each individual piece of our comprehensive Internet marketing campaign service offering
  • Achieve extraordinary year-on-year growth as we continually fine-tune your targeted Internet marketing plan to maximise ROI

Find out how webHotel can add rich dimension to your brand and increase its profitability by contacting us today.