OPERA Sales and Catering


OPERA Sales and Catering

The new breed of sales force automation and event intelligence

OPERA Sales and Catering (S&C) is full-featured catering sales management software that allows your employees to spend less time at a computer and more time with guests. Resources can be shared with the OPERA Property Management System (PMS) to streamline operations and maximise revenue.

Benefits to your venue

Maximise profitability

  • Reduce total cost of ownership as resources can be streamlined and only one single database is required for OPERA PMS and S&C
  • Build sales strategies based on the aggregate behaviour of enterprise wide activity
  • Maximise opportunities by sharing function and accommodation space availability across multiple properties
  • Effectively include the goals of the sales and catering department in the overall sales and inventory strategy
  • Increase revenue by setting goals and tracking the performance of individuals or teams
  • Effectively yield function and accommodation space by accessing critical data to make educated decisions on which business will be most profitable

Form valuable client relationships

  • An integrated payment system for credit card transactions direct through any terminal in the restaurant
  • Improve customer satisfaction by using automated follow-up reminders
  • Ensure service is consistent by tracking all correspondence from prospecting and cold calling through to billing
  • Confirm meetings are attended and tasks completed by using activities that integrate with Microsoft Outlook
  • Maximise the time staff spend with clients by alleviating the often tedious sales and catering management requirements
  • Optimise the effectiveness of email and print campaigns by implementing and tracking them within OPERA S&C

Streamline workflows

  • Manage multiple properties on the same database with the ability to see information across all properties from one system
  • Save time and achieve greater accuracy with 100% integration to OPERA PMS meaning single handling of accounts, contacts and blocks at the property
  • Increase efficiency with Microsoft Office merge templates for contracts and proposals

Deliver seamless events

  • Communicate accurate information to the operations team with professional Banquet Event Orders; produced with a single click
  • Effectively manage banquet operations from proposal through to delivery of service
  • Ensure resources are readily available with recommendation for preferred vendors should internal stock be depleted
  • Improve business operations using intuitive analytical and reporting features that delivers actionable information

OPERA S&C features


  • Business blocks for all types of group bookings including catering events and tour series
  • Account, contact and activity management
  • Microsoft Outlook and email integration
  • Account dashboard with drill down capabilities
  • Catering and events feature for services and scheduling
  • Banquet posting for event charges
  • Function diary; a graphical display of events by function
  • Campaign management

Client relations

  • Comprehensive sales manager dashboard for all guests and internal information
  • Flexible relationship management tools
  • Automated time management features and traces
  • Graphical views of appointments and tasks for the sales team

Event management

  • Multiple function space configuration to suit all your rooms
  • Intuiative event management for easy creation, copy and moving of events
  • Simple menu and item engineering

Sales automation

  • Send leads from your regional/ national/global offices seamlessly to the hotel
  • Manage all revenue for leads without any additional data entry
  • Central or local reporting

OPERA S&C Advanced Reporting

New OPERA Sales and Catering Advanced Reporting provides you with flexible, ad-hoc, business intelligence reporting capabilities to help you quickly gain insight into your sales and catering market by delivering meaningful information at the time it is needed.

Gain business insight

  • Analyse the wealth of information stored in the OPERA database using powerful reports and utilities
  • Customise database queries using data extraction tools for mail merges, input to spreadsheets and more!
  • Easily identify trends, make comparisons, focus on areas that require attention and plan for the future with an intuitive analysis of reports

Empower employees

  • Empower your hotel managers and staff with insight about sales and catering trends, room blocks and revenue, which will allow them to easily plan for the future and allocate resources with confidence
  • Easily run reports used on a regular basis
  • Track personal performance on an interactive dashboard with drill down capabilities

Kitchen Display Systems

  • Mounted conveniently in your kitchen or food prep area, this intuitive, graphical software application displays information to manage kitchen efficiency, which drives customer satisfaction

Digital Menu Boards

  • Digital menu boards act like personalised tv channels; giving you the power and flexibility to reach consumers with customised and timely information at point-of-sale

Find out how your venue can streamline operations and maximise event revenue by contacting us today.