ID Reader



ID Reader

ID Reader is a software solution that enables automatic transfer of textual data from personal and travel documents into various business applications within a few seconds.

The software ensures automation of business processes, simplified procedure when creating databases, less mistakes during data entry, higher accessibility of information etc.

After scanning the document, ID Reader automatically recognizes the document type and extracts all the textual data from the scanned image. When the process finishes, all textual data together with the images will be sent to the business applications.

ID Reader does not store any data, it serves only to transfer data from personal and travel documents into application from which the scanning process starts.

Simphony benefits

  • Reads all passports made according to the international ICAO 9303 standard (all European and most of the world’s passports)
  • Reads ID cards, drivers licenses, health cards, various membership cards, etc.
  • Database includes 6000+ document templates from around the world
  • Database is constantly updated with new document versions
  • Reads diacritic characters

Benefits of ID Reader

  • Saves time
  • Increases accuracy
  • Reduces costs and increases profits
  • Takes your business to a higher level
  • Improves business quality by personalization of service
  • Increases the security level by saving document image in a database

The software uses small, high quality scanners which are specially designed for scanning large number of documents in a short amount of time. Scanners represent an ideal solution for receptions and similar “front office businesses” which require client registration.

Working with large number of personal documents requires additional data protection. Although ID Reader does not contain a database, it contains protection mechanisms such as converting images to 150 DPI, converting images to grayscale and textual watermark on the image of the entire document with the hotel name.