Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality, a business unit of Oracle Corporation is an enterprise applications provider specializing in the Hospitality and Retail Industries. With over 330,000 customers, Oracle Hospitality products are currently installed in table and quick service restaurants, hotels, motels, casinos and entertainment centers.

With operations in more than 180 countries and on all seven continents Oracle Hospitality provides property management systems, central reservation and customer information solutions and have been deployed in over 26,000 hotels worldwide.

Hotel & Resorts

Oracle Hospitality offers a wide range of scalable and modular property and central solutions for effective hotels management. Whether managing a single boutique hotel or a multi branded hotel chain, Oracle Hospitality will put together a solution that suits your business needs. Our solutions include front office, back office, CRM, sales and catering, distribution, and e-commerce solutions to name a few.

OPERA Property Management System

Designed to meet varied requirements of any sized hotel, provides the necessary tools for hotel staff to complete day to day tasks smoothly. A feature rich application which is designed for Hotel operational staff to strategically manage a property independently. An application that has the ability to seamlessly integrate with other Oracle Hospitality products and third party vendors is what sets this system apart. The application covers ;

  • Reservations module
  • Profile and membership management
  • Front desk module
  • Cashiering module
  • Rooms management
  • Comp accounting
  • Accounts receivables
  • Back office interface
  • Interface management
  • Commissions
  • Reports
  • Quick keys

OPERA Sales & Catering

A solution designed to enable your staff to spend more time with guests and less time at the computer it is an unique application that is designed to handle any item a full service banquette operation may require. In addition to the feature rich banquette functions, OPERA Sales & Catering is also an application that enhances the operations of your hotel sales team. It is designed to completely integrate with OPERA Property Management System. The application covers:

  • Business Blocks
  • Accounts, Contacts and activity management
  • Accounts and Sales Rep Dashboard
  • Catering and events
  • Banquet posting
  • Function Diary
  • Campaign Management
  • Interfaces
  • Reports & Data queries

Oracle Hospitality Inventory Management

A solution that covers from the ordering process to receiving, inventory management and costing, an application that is designed to enhance the operations to a customer in the Hospitality industry. With available interfaces to point of sale systems and financial applications the Inventory Management System can track your stock levels to cost of sales that will benefit a hotel operation. The application covers;

  • Purchase Order
  • Receiving
  • Stock level monitoring
  • Cost of sales
  • Seamless integration with MICROS point of sales
  • Scalable deployment methodologies

OPERA Web Suite

An integrated web application designed to extend access to the OPERA database using web technology. Using OPERA Property Management Systems and OPERA Sales & Catering the OPERA Web Suite delivers the fully integrated single image enterprise inventory system a hotel would require.

OPERA Customer Information System

A unique application that collects and manages individual guests, travel agent, source, group and company profile data in a central database that can be accessed by multiple properties. It captures demographic information, complete stay details, production data and revenue statistics. The application covers;

  • Seamless integration with OPERA systems
  • Capturing multiple addresses, phone numbers and other contact details
  • Centralized membership programme management
  • Profile subscriptions
  • Profile relationships
  • Advanced match and merge

Restaurant Operations


A complete POS restaurant solution that will assist to run a business in the area of restaurant management and guest services. A fully integrated restaurant POS system that is both scalable and flexible which will enhance operations making it more efficient and profitable. Features that include;

  • Point of sale system
  • Alert Manager
  • Kitchen display solutions
  • Table management solutions
  • Digital menu boards
  • Labour management
  • Enterprise management
  • Product management
  • iCare
  • myinventory


The premier enterprise point of sale solution that provides management a single tool with vast integration capabilities to enhance operations. Able to manage single level to multi level restaurant operations capable of scaling to thousands of workstations which can be spread over many properties. The enterprise management console allows for the Management of the entire system from within a single application. Available features;

  • Enhance retail functionalities
  • E-business solutions
  • Tiered pricing
  • Kiosks
  • Enterprise Maintenance
  • Property maintenance